dali gateway


VX/DA-02 module

Product Features

The KNX DALI Gateway is a DIN rail module for installation in the distribution board on a 35 mm mounting rail. It is a DALI single-master controller to DALI standard IEC 62386 Parts 101ed2 and 103ed1. The gateway is suitable for use with DALI and DALI-2 systems.


It supports Device Type 6, Device Type 8 Tc, Device Type 8 XY coordinate, Device Type 8 RGB with DALI interfaces to IEC 62386 and their integration in a KNX building installation.


The DALI gateway has 2 channels DALI output. Up to 64 DALI devices can be connected to each DALI output.

DT6 and DT8 devices can all be connected to each DALI output in a mixed configuration. The lamps connected to each DALI channels are controlled via KNX using:

● broadcast
● 64 individual lamps
● 16 lighting groups
● 16 scenes

The fault status (lamps or ballasts) of each DALI device or of the lighting group is sent via the KNX bus by a variety of KNX group objects.